[Live Webinar] Why your property portfolio is holding you back today …and what to do about it!

[Live Webinar] Why your property portfolio is holding you back today …and what to do about it!

Many property investors are bearing the brunt of rising interest rates and falling property values.

Are higher interest rates already impacting your cash flow and making it a struggle to hold your investment property?

Are you about to come off a low fixed interest rate, and nervous about how this will affect you?

Are you watching your properties go down in value while the cost of holding those properties is going up?

You might even be questioning whether your current investment property portfolio is actually helping or hindering your financial goals…

Should you sell in order to move forward?

Having bought and sold dozens of properties over the years, we’ve learnt that to succeed and build wealth effectively through real estate you can’t afford to be complacent. And you definitely can’t afford to be paralysed by indecision right now.

So, to help deal with the impact of current market conditions on your property portfolio, this special webinar will cover:

– What determines whether it’s best to hold or sell your current investment property

– How to ensure your next investment property outperforms the market

10 critical questions that determine whether your investment property will deliver on your financial goals

Attendees of the live session will also have an exclusive opportunity to have their portfolio reviewed by an expert property mentor – for free.

If you want to protect your wealth and maximise your property investing in 2023, then don’t miss this important and timely webinar.

All registered participants will receive access to a replay of the event.


14 Dec 2022