[Online Event] Financial Independence Workshop for Property Investors

[Online Event] Financial Independence Workshop for Property Investors

Leading property educators Simon Buckingham and Brendan Kelly discuss the very latest forecasts for the Australian property market in 2023-2024 — plus strategies & practical tactics to apply if you want to achieve “financial independence” through investing in real estate today.

The property market has been showing signs of a rebound, and rents are skyrocketing.

But will high inflation and rising interest rates snuff out any market recovery?

We’ll unpack the latest moves by the RBA, examine the impact of the the coming immigration wave, and reveal where the market is REALLY headed… plus how you need to respond to the coming changes.

On the agenda:

– Down-to-earth property market outlook for each Australian capital city in 2023-24 based on the data, not hype or speculation. Our data-driven forecasts over the past 3 years have been spot-on, so don’t miss this latest analysis.

– We’ll analyse the latest RBA rate call, and explain what’s most likely to happen with interest rates for the rest of this year.

– How to position yourself to take advantage of emerging opportunities, so that you’re not left behind in the changing market.

– Techniques for spotting new emerging boom suburbs BEFORE other property investors, so that you can capitalise on maximum growth (plus how to recognise and avoid suburbs where values will crash).

– Creating your own financial independence plan – including training in property investment strategies & techniques that past workshop attendees have used to “escape the rat race”… some in under 5 years.

All registered participants will also receive access to a replay recording of the event.


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10 Jun 2023