[Online Event] Financial Independence Workshop for Property Investors

[Online Event] Financial Independence Workshop for Property Investors

Join highly-experienced property educators Simon Buckingham and Brendan Kelly to discuss the very latest research and forecasts for the Australian property market in 2022/23 – plus strategies and practical tactics to apply if you want to achieve “financial independence” through investing in real estate today.

On the agenda:

– Down-to-earth property market outlook for each Australian capital city in 2022/23, based on the data – not hype and speculation. Our data-driven forecasts over the last 2 years have been spot-on, so don’t miss this latest analysis!

– What rising interest rates and high inflation mean for the Australian property market.

– Is a 30%+ CRASH in property values on the way, as some economists are predicting… or have those pundits overlooked something critical?

– How to position yourself to take advantage of emerging opportunities, so that you’re not left behind in the changing market.

– How you can spot emerging boom suburbs BEFORE other property investors, so that you can capitalise on maximum growth (plus how to recognise and avoid suburbs where values WILL crash).

– Creating your own financial independence plan – including training in property investment strategies & techniques that past workshop attendees have used to “escape the rat race”… some in under 5 years.

As this is an interactive workshop, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get your questions personally answered by Simon and Brendan!

All registered participants will also receive access to a replay recording of the event.


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Nov 19