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Create Profitable Investing Partnerships
Harnessing The Incredible Power Of
Property Joint Ventures!

It's a simple fact that every investor who aspires to do many deals or bigger deals will eventually run out of their own money or hit a borrowing limit.

Sadly, many investors never move beyond this point, failing to realise that there's a world of unlimited money out there just waiting to be tapped!

When (not if) you run out of cash for investing, or find yourself maxed-out on borrowing capacity, you have a choice: Either stop investing... OR learn to use Property Joint Ventures to leverage "other people's money"!

Property Joint Ventures - done right - can be an excellent way to massively accelerate your property investing and to tap into bigger deals.

But if done wrong, they're fraught with risk!

Fortunately Lewis O'Brien, one of Australia's leading commercial law experts in this field, has created a unique easy-to-read Ultimate Property Joint Ventures Guide, designed to help you avoid problems and ensure your own Property Joint Ventures succeed!

The Ultimate Property Joint Ventures Guide details:

  • Three different Joint Venture models including:

    • Time Partner / Money Partner Joint Ventures,
      where one partner finances the deal while the other manages the deal

    • Property Development Joint Ventures,
      where a property owner contributes the land for development, and the developer provides the skills and resources to undertake the development project

    • 'Second Mortgage' Agreements,
      where a money partner provides a private loan for a deposit on a property, at an agreed rate of interest

  • Helpful hints on how to choose the right JV partner

  • Important issues that must be addressed before entering into a Joint Venture (ignore these at your peril!)

  • The critical elements of a good Joint Venture Agreement

...and more!

In addition this valuable resource contains detailed sample agreement documents for:

  1. Time Partner / Money Partner Joint Venture Agreements

  2. Property Development Joint Venture Agreements

  3. Money Partner 'Second Mortgage' Loan Agreements

An Essential Resource For Property Investors!

If you plan to enter into any kind of partnership with a property owner, developer or another investor, then you simply can't do without the Ultimate Property Joint Ventures Guide!

Why risk hours of unnecessary effort and extra legal fees? This essential resource could save you time and potentially thousands of dollars by helping you put together a Property Joint Venture the right way.

IMPORTANT! This resource is not intended to replace professional legal or other advice, but to supplement such advice. The sample contracts and supporting documents within the resource are designed to provide a starting point for transactions, and will need to be tailored to suit your specific needs by a qualified legal practitioner.

While it won't replace your lawyer or accountant, the Ultimate Property Joint Venture Guide will enable you to engage with your professional advisors far more efficiently, so that you can get the most out of the fees you pay.

Many dozens of hours from one of Australia's top property JV legal practitioners has gone into assembling the information and sample contracts contained in this resource. Getting a legal advisor to prepare all this information for you from scratch would cost thousands of dollars.

For a limited time you can acquire the entire Ultimate Property Joint Ventures Guide, including the detailed sample joint venture agreements for...

Only $995 !

Don't miss out on this amazing deal
- Harness the power of Property Joint Ventures NOW!

Ultimate Property Joint Ventures Guide

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(plus Postage and Packaging)

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