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Tony LambrianosMost sessions are conducted with Tony Lambrianos (pictured left) - an experienced and active property investor, senior coach, and Director of Results Mentoring (meaning you go "straight to the top" with these one-on-one calls - rather than speaking with some well-meaning but inexperienced junior staff member).

Together with the rest of Results Mentoring team, Tony and our team of Australia's best property investing mentors have helped investors across the country to do over $450,000,000 worth of deals - that's four hundred and fifty million dollars worth of real estate - at cost!

These one-on-one strategy sessions are a way for us to give you something of value that could make a real difference to your success in today's market - and a way for you to experience exactly what it's like to have your own dedicated and independent property investing mentor on-call whenever you need.

Everyday Investors. Extraordinary Success!

"This has really changed my life! I'm no longer an employee. I do the things that interest me... I just love it - it's fantastic!"
Adam B., WA

“I have achieved the ability to live off property! My skills have allowed me to earn a 7-figure income. Results Mentoring has given me a new life. I'm free!”
Jason E, QLD

“Since implementing the strategies we learnt at Results Mentoring, we were able to quit our jobs at age 28. Our portfolio is now over 100 units!
Kevin & Daniella, VIC

"In the space of 5 years we've gone from small projects to multi-million dollar projects! We never envisaged we'd be at this level."
Anthea & Rohan, SA

"I don't have a day job anymore - so our property investing fully supports our life and has really replaced my income."
Axel P, NSW

"I was able to leave my job, and now I do property investing and developing full time. It's a great feeling!"
Zoltan C, VIC


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