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results_web2Who are you guys?

Results Mentoring Pty Ltd (ABN 84 116 115 667) is an Australian based company specialising in education for property investors.

Our offices are located at 12 Churchill Street, Mont Albert, Victoria 3127, Australia.

Results Mentoring is an independent organisation that provides resources and assistance to those seeking to invest in property. This includes general advice in relation to property investing, goal setting and a degree of accountability. On the whole, the advice provided is of a general nature and not tailored to specific financial circumstances, needs and goals.

The education offered, including the acclaimed RESULTS Mentoring Program, is not designed to make investment decisions for members, nor to provide specific accounting, tax or other advice, nor to take the place of a solicitor, accountant or other advisers.

Consulting with independent legal, accounting and other advisers will ensure that any advice or concepts learned from our education and programs can be tailored to your specific needs.

Accordingly, Results Mentoring does not hold an Australian Financial Services licence and does not intend to provide financial advice. This will preclude Results Mentoring from recommending specific financial products, specific investments or attempting to sell you financial products.

For more information regarding Results Mentoring please call us on (03) 9890 5600 or send an email to