[Live Webinar] “5 Essential Rules for Reading the Market” if you want to profit from property today!”

[Live Webinar] “5 Essential Rules for Reading the Market” if you want to profit from property today!”

Did you know there are over 15,000 suburbs and towns within Australia – each representing its own property market, with its own unique price trends?

Having researched the property market for many years, right down at the individual suburb level, we’ve determined that even two suburbs side-by-side within the same postcode will often experience wildly different price growth.

One suburb can be booming at the same time the neighbouring suburb is in decline!

It’s common wisdom that choosing the right location is fundamental to making profits in real estate. But very few property investors know how to do this consistently – instead relying on guesswork and “hot spot” tips, which often leads to buying in areas that underperform or actually go down in value.

Failing to “read” the local property market can also result in holding onto a loss-making property when it would make more sense to sell… or selling too soon and missing out on significant capital growth.

If you’d like increased confidence in choosing where to acquire your next investment property, and the skill to know when it’s best to buy, hold or sell in a given suburb, then join property market experts Simon Buckingham and Brendan Kelly from Results Mentoring for this important free webinar.

Simon and Brendan will detail the “5 Essential Rules for Reading the Property Market” if you want to profit from property today, and explain:

  • Practical techniques that you can begin applying today to help ensure your next (or first) property investment is in the right suburb with the right market conditions;
  • How to “read” the local market so that you can confidently assess when it makes more sense to buy, hold, or sell an investment property in that suburb.



1 Nov 2023