Australia’s Leading 1-On-1
Property Mentoring Program

Our mission is to help you, and as many other everyday property investors as possible, achieve
financial freedom and unlock the lifestyle of abundance you deserve.

And we understand that the only way for you to achieve that is through independent education.
After all, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

That’s why we’ve put our combined 100+ years’ experience into creating the best property
investment education and 1-on-1 detailed support that we possibly can. And yet, we have no
stock to sell you, and receive no commissions from vendors, agents, or land developers.

More than
2,000 Property Investors
Personally Mentored!

We are purely educational. That makes us TRULY Independent.

With experience in supporting $100’s of millions in successful property deals, our
1-on-1 mentoring program stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Not convinced? Don’t just take our word for it…

How It Works

Our property training course incorporates a Comprehensive 12-Month Training Program that rapidly builds your property investment knowledge and expertise, so you can enter the property market confident of what good deals look like, and armed with the skills you need to turn solid profits.

Our 7-step process takes you through everything you need to know to become a Results Mentoring Property Mastermind.


Your Initial 4-Week
Kickstart! Program

Start your journey with weekly activities to establish your pathway to property profits, your investment goals, establish critical financial disciplines, and start examining property.


Collect Your 6 Comprehensive
Reference Manuals

You get hundreds of pages of written notes, multiple audio and video recordings, and full explanations of ‘real-world’ property deals. You can work through the volumes at your own pace as you accumulate the knowledge you need to become a mastermind.

Each of the six Results Mentoring volumes contains 4 key sections:

  • Personal Development — Develop the key habits that virtually guarantee your financial success. Learn from an exclusive “Wealth Mindset” library, live webinars, and workshops with recognized human behaviour experts!
  • Financial Expertise — Tactics to get the banks to say, “Yes!” to your deals, even in a tough finance climate like the present.
  • Education & Strategy — This is the heart of each volume, covering market insights, how to perform accurate “feasibility analyses”, and a broad range of strategies, including:
    • Capital Growth
    • Property Development
    • Positive Cash Flow
    • Commercial Property
    • Renovations
    • Overseas Investing
    • Subdivisions
    • Joint Ventures
  • ‘Real’ Deals — Work through actual case studies that show you real deals that were put together and how they worked out.

…and there’s plenty more in the Reference Manuals to make sure you have a deep and thorough understanding of all
aspects of property investment.


4 Exclusive Full-Day Power Learning
& Networking Events

Our members come together regularly to meet, share ideas, and, most importantly, put deals together. The value of working with like-minded people means you’re not alone on your journey, and there are always people you can work with, whether you need funds, deals, or expertise to help turn a healthy profit.


Regular Live Webinars and
Online Market Updates

Monthly live webinars keep you up-to-date with everything happening in the property market, including our latest insights on property trends — this information is critical for people wanting to get ahead and pick location hotspots before the crowds


Powerful Analytical Tools To
Drive Your Investment Strategy

Detailed feasibility spreadsheets and other analytical tools give you yet another advantage in your property investment journey. There are 50+ different tools and templates you can use to make property investment simpler and easier.


More than 100+ Hours Of
Exclusive Property Podcasts

Available only to members, we have a massive audio and video library including valuable market information, insights, and training on virtually every aspect of property investing.


Unrestricted Access To The Results
Members-Only Website

You have 24×7 access to the Results forums to share ideas, network, and get support from your fellow members. Plus the Results Deal Log, where you can see, learn from, and ask questions about the hundreds of property deals across multiple strategies that other members have done and are doing right now!

Imagine what you could achieve…

Speak with us 1-on-1 to find out how the Results Mentoring Program can help you achieve your property investing goals.

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