Data-driven Research And Analysis
For Developing A High-Performance
Property Portfolio

With more than 15,000 suburbs, Australia represents one of the richest and most diverse property
markets in the world. That means you need the right tools to provide accurate analyses of which
suburbs and which property types are going to be better for your portfolio.

It’s absolutely vital to your success that you use the best tools available to provide you with the latest
and most useful information – that will enable you to make the best decisions for your portfolio.

Our leading-edge property market analysis helps you shortlist suburbs with high growth potential and avoid those suburbs likely to decline in value.

Members can access personalised research on individual suburbs of interest, with exclusive suburb analysis reports produced on-demand by leading property market analysts Property Predictions, utilising the most advanced forecasting techniques.

Using our analysis reports, you can:

  • Identify suburbs with the very best potential growth, so you can get in BEFORE the next boom in a particular suburb.
  • Gain Extra Confidence by knowing whether a suburb has imminent growth potential or represents a high-risk area …BEFORE you buy or sell!
  • Analyse and manage risk by understanding how a suburb is likely to perform, and avoid making purchase blunders that could put your property journey back years.
  • Select the best areas for renovation and development strategies that could deliver a market-driven growth bonus during the project.
  • “Time” the market for rapid short-term capital growth!
  • Know when to sell, and when to hold, to maximise your returns.

With more than 90 years’ combined experience, we’ve honed our analysis tools to provide extremely accurate property market forecasts, which our members use to make far more confident property purchasing decisions.

What’s more, this research is entirely data-driven. Simply put, the numbers don’t lie. Our dispassionate view towards property performance takes the emotion out of the analysis, and helps ensure you get an objective picture of the market.

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